Role Play and technology room

St Margaret’s Role Play & Technology Room is an excellent indoor space where children can play at different roles and scenarios while using technology. The room provides a variety of resources because technology is such a big part of our homes and the Early Years Practitioners took this into account so that the children can engage fully in imaginative play.


What we offer

  • The Role Play & Technology Room encourages imaginative play, including dressing up clothes, pieces of fabric, hats, items we use in everyday life. The area also has a 'cardboard box' television, computer, keyboards, a smart board, remote controls cars, torches, stop watches, a coffee grounder etc.

  • Children have opportunities to play with the toys that have lots of buttons, switches and make noises. They can also pretend that they are answering the phone, putting the kettle that makes the boiling sounds or use the microwave when making meals from play-dough.

  • Playing with ‘real’ items encourages their imagination and gives them opportunities to talk and learn about technology in their homes.

  • Our Role play & Technology room helps the children to develop imaginative play, stimulating their interests and encouraging them to develop their problem - solving skills. Playing in the area also helps the children to develop their communication skills, for example by having pretended telephone conversations with their friends.

  • At St Margaret’s our Early Years Practitioners help children to explore and investigate everyday technology and involve them in playing in homes that reflect the diversity of our families and culture.


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