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Learning Journals means you can keep in touch with your child’s time at St Margarets. Filled with photos, videos and observations of your child, it means that all the information about your child is always available to you through a secure online route. Learning Journals are two -way add your own events from home and share the photos with the nursery!


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We share our professional observations with you using Learning Journals. This is an important aspect of day-to-day professional practice in a nursery.


Nursery staff carry out regular observations of every child, ensuring that their learning and development incorporates their interests and needs. Observations are both formal (planned) and informal (spontaneous) to record special moments, like your child’s first steps, kindness towards others or even eating something for the first time.


We use the evidence collected from our observations to make assessments of your child’s learning and development, and make an individual plan for their development.

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What is ParentZone?

ParentZone is a smartphone app designed to bring you closer to your child’s development in nursery.

How do I access ParentZone?

We will send you a unique user name and password to your child’s online portfolio.
You can download apps for ParentZone on android and iOS devices.

How safe are my details?

The system is secure and the information contained within this system will only be accessed by you and our nursery team. We will NEVER share information, observations or photos with anyone else. Connection to iConnect and ParentZone is protected by industry standard SSL/TLS Certificates.