Jennifer M


From the minute you enter the bright, modern and spacious reception area, you feel like this is somewhere that encourages learning, and has been designed and purpose-built to support that. No pokey dark corridors or dodgy conversions, all the rooms are well equipped (with all the essentials neatly packed away out of little ones' reach!) leaving the floorspace free for play. A range of stimulating activities, their own soft play room, plus huge garden area (a real premium in the city centre). The online learning journal means grandparents can login and see our child develop, even from 300+ miles away. They have amazingly varied hot meals so she only ever needs a light tea before bed - perfect for working parents. They are attentive to her every need, notice when she is under the weather, have supported her through many key learning and development stages and keep setting new goals for the staff to work towards with her. I would thoroughly recommend both the building and the staff.