apple tree room

Children grow up quickly at this age, becoming more sociable, developing new skills and interests and learning more about the world. We provide a place where they can create, explore, play and learn.



what we offer

  • The pre-school department offers three large rooms, each focused on different learning experiences, outdoor learning and a quiet room:
  • Room one – story corner, achievement area, small world, construction area, role play area / Imaginative play, early literacy area and snack area
  • Room two – art and creative area, early numeracy area, music corner, junk modelling area, playdough station, sand and water area
  • Room three – technology and smart board, science and cooking area, story corner, music area, space to snooze and sleep, drama/role play area and home corner
  • Free-flow direct access into a large garden providing an all-day outdoor experience
  • Construction area with the loose parts and wooden block to support problem solving and early maths and numeracy
  • Quiet room for small group learning and key worker time

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